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GelderlandCharacteristics of Gelderland

Gelderland consists of three very different areas:

The Achterhoek

This eastern part of the province is characterised by large old mansions and castles surrounded by small farms that belong to the estate. You could follow the Kastelenroute Oost-Gelderland along the borders of the Achterhoek to get a good impression of this part of the country. It's a good idea to cross the German border east of Groenlo. Just across the border is a nature reserve worth visiting. It's called Zwillbrocker Venn and has a unique population of flamingo's.


Biker in the Achterhoek with typical castle as a backdrop

If you missed the town of Deventer in Overijssel you get another chance of visiting another old Hanzecity. Zutphen is just as well preserved and well worth a visit.


The Veluwe is the most forested part of the country. It is crisscrossed by the nicest cycling lanes we know: the ones with a surface of crushed seashells. It is the only part of the country where you can cycle for hours without hitting an village. Cycle through the royal forest "Het Loo", e.g. from Elspeet to Hoog Soeren, or cycle into National Park Veluwezoom, north east of Arnhem. If you are lucky you can encounter wildlife at dawn or dusk, like deer and boar.

panorama of the Veluwe
Panorama of the Veluwe

Centrally located at the Veluwe is National Park de Hoge Veluwe, the famous combination of wooded parkland and the worldfamous Kröller-Müller Museum. The museum is well known for its sculpture garden and the Van Gogh collection. At the entrances of the Park you borrow a so called "white bicycle", a bicycle free of charge you can use as long as you stay inside the park.

A nice way of exploring the Veluwe is by cycling the Eneco Veluweroute (265 km), a signposted round trip along the edges of the Veluwe.

Cycling on the Veluwe


The Betuwe is the fruit centre of Holland. It is the place to be in spring, when all the fruit trees are blossoming. Unfortunately you won't find too much cyclinglanes in this part of Holland: cyclists share the narrow dikes with motorised traffic, although on more and more dikes are motorized traffic is not allowed anymore. Just avoid the weekend and you will enjoy your tour.

A nice way of exploring the Betwuwe is by cycling the Rondje rivieren, a 222 km long signposted round trip along the rivers and orchards.

If you are interested in the history of bicycles you shouldn't miss the museum on the history of bicycles in Nijmegen.

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