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Your bicycle

As Holland is as flat as a pancake you won't need a lot of gears. Fore the same reason you don't need a state of the art lightweight bicycle. In fact any bicycle will do. A few gears may help you in case of a strong headwind. You can bring your own bicycle or rent or buy one.

Bring your own bicycle

By plane

It's no problem to take your bicycle in a plane as checked luggage. We have been taking our bikes all over the world. The regulations differ from airline to airline, so ask before booking. Normally you can take a bicycle as part of your luggage allowance of 20 kilograms.
Just remove the pedals and turn the handlebars sideways.

bicycle box

Sometimes you need to pay extra. Sometimes you are obliged to pack your bike in a box or bag. Remember that when you leave from Schiphol Airport a bicycle box is often necessary. If that's the case you can buy them at the airport.
When you leave Schiphol by bicycle this map is very useful.

By train

It's more complicated to take your bicycle in a train from abroad. Some people dismantle their bikes, put it in special boxes and take it as hand luggage. On trains that take cars it's often possible to take your bicycle as well.

Rent a bicycle

There are hundreds of addresses to rent a bike in Holland. When you want to cycle just for a couple of days it's the most convenient option. A good place to rent a bike is a railway station. Look for addresses in this Pdf

In Amsterdam you can rent a bicycle at:


Buy a bicyclegrandma's bike

When you have plans for a more extensive tour you may consider to buy your own bike. Why don't you try the typical dutch "grandma-bicycle" and take it home as a souvenir. (Only consider this when you live in a flat country, as they don't have any gears)
You can also buy a secondhand bicycle and sell it when you leave.

Spare parts

You don't need to carry a lot of spare parts. You'll find a bicycle repair shop in every village. There are more than 3200 bicycle shops. Just be able to repair a flat tyre yourself.




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