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Bicycle maps

bikers need a good mapWhen you prefer to find your own way cycling in the Netherlands you'll need an excellent map. Only then you'll be able to avoid the main roads and find the separate cycle lanes at the countryside.

Recommended maps

Landelijke Fietsatlas Nederland 1:100.000

landelijke fietsatlasThis atlas shows all bicycle lanes, all cycle networks, LF routes and a lot of campsites. That's a lot of information for about euro 25. Publisher is Buijten en Schipperheijn, ISBN 9789058812933








ANWB fietskaarten 1:75.000

These maps show all the bicycle lanes, the numbers of the "mushroom" signs and the network of cycle routes. To cover the whole country you will need all 17 maps.

ANWB fietsatlas Nederland 1:75.000

This atlas contains 56 separate mapsheets. It shows all bicycle lanes, mushroom signs and a lot of ANWB signposted routes.

Landelijke Fietsroutes part 1 and 2

In two guidebooks you find a description of all the long distance routes. The maps in these books are also very useful as overall maps. These guides are:
Landelijke Fietsroutes deel 1: Noord- en Midden-Nederland (North and centre of Holland) Isbn 978-90-5881-287-2
Landelijke Fietsroutes deel 2: Midden- en Zuid-Nederland (Middle and south of the country) Isbn 978-90-5881-289-6

Other maps

There are lots of maps of Holland for sale. What you need as a cyclist are the bicycle lanes. Not all maps include these lanes, or they don't show the difference between sealed and unsealed surfaces. We advise to have a good look at the scale and the index before buying one.

Where to buy maps

See for information on this subject What you need , maps & books

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