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logo green capsitesCamping by bringing your own tent is without doubt the cheapest accommodation available. It's also our favourite way of spending the night. Nationwide there are thousands of campgrounds. Ranging from simple small campgrounds to large scale recreational resorts featuring restaurants, swimming pool, etc.

It's even possible to camp without carrying full campinggear on your bicycle.

Most campgrounds cater more for longterm stayers than for those who want to stay just for a night. Often they are crowded and/or huge. Fortunately there are a couple of organisations that offer "the real thing".

natuurkampeerterrein (green campsite)

Natuurkampeerterreinen (foundation of recreational camping)

Natuurkampeerterreinen, green campsites, are small, quiet sites, often situated in the woods. These are our favourites. There are about 130 of these sites. Cyclists are never turned away when they arrive before 7 p.m. To stay on these campgrounds you need a camping permit. When you buy your permit you'll receive The Green Booklet (Het Groene Boekje), a list with information on all the sites. It's well worth the money. Available at:
all ANWB -offices
all Bever Zwerfsport stores
specialised travel bookshops

natuurkampeerterrein (green campsite)

For cyclists and pedestrians there is always space to stay.


map with green campsites

Camping at the farm

Mini campsites at farms has become a serious extra income for farmers. Campsites at farms have a limited number of sites. The average price for camping on the farm is so between 12 to 15 euros per night. Click here for an overview of camping sites at farms.

Or try the separate sites for the small scale mini-campings at farms and the agro eco campsites , or the organisation of farmers with camping facilities SVR (pdf).

Other campsites

When you prefer a campsite with all the usual amenities have a look at eurocamping

citycamps logoCitycamps are situated close towns with good connections by public transport. The well-equipped camp sites are a great starting point to explore the town and its surroundings.



Some campgrounds offer small wooden cabins (called trekkershutten). These cabins generally offer beds, chairs, a cooking range and a table. The cabins, that can sleep up to 4 persons, can be reserved and cost approx. euro 40,- per night. Some people use it as an alternative for camping on a wet or cold day.

Our garden

You may be able to put up your tent in our garden or stay in our guestroom. Just contact us.
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