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OverijsselCharacteristics of Overijssel

In the middle of the province is the Holterberg, an area consisting of heather and forest. The eastern part of the province, called Twente, is a great place for cycling as there ar lots of quiet roads winding through inspiring surroundings. As it is close to the German border it is a less developed part of the country, perfect for some nice cycling. A nice way to explore Twente on bicycle is to cycle the rondje Twente, a roundtrip of 165 km along LF routes.

In the north west is National Park "de Weeribben" located, where reed is harvested used for the typical dutch roofs. Nearby is Giethoorn, also called the Venice of the North, where houses are lined along a canal. They can only be reached by boat (and, yes, by bicycle).

crossing the bridge

The western border of the province is the river IJssel. Cycling along this river, e.g. along LF 3, gives you a nice impression of one of the larger rivers in Holland. Do make a stopover at Deventer, one of the medieval Hanzecities along the IJssel. Maybe you can spend an afternoon strolling along the narrow streets in the city (there is a campsite across the IJssel with nice views of the waterfront)

cycle ferry

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