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Zuid HollandCharacteristics of Zuid Holland

Zuid-Holland, is together with Noord-Holand, the busiest part of the country. It is densely populated with a lot of larger cities. We don't cycle in this part too often.

But for tourists it's got two great tourist attractions: the bulb fields around Lisse and the most famous of all windmill sites of Holland, at Kinderdijk. When in spring (april and may) the bulbs are flowering it truly is a beautiful sight (and think of the overwhelming scent as well!).

flowering bulbfields

Unfortunately you won't be the only tourist who will visit the fields, so you may end up cycling along an endless traffic jam. So you'd better avoid the weekend.

In Zuid-Holland there are more than 200 windmills. The 19 beautifully preserved windmills at Kinderdijk are idyllically situated along a broad canal. It's a Unesco World Heritage Site. Too bad that nowadays they are located amidst cities and industrial areas, which makes it difficult to approach them along an interesting route.

A major part of the province lies below sea level. The closer to the coast, the deeper the polders lie, sometimes more than 6 meters below sea level.

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