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GroningenCharacteristics of Groningen

Groningen is the 'remote' north east part of the country. You'll find some large farms, but much more tiny houses where the agricultural labourers used to live.

The potato fields seem to reach to the horizon. Villages may consist of no more than a few small houses around a little church. Right on the German border is the picturesque village of Bourtange, a well conserved example of an old fortified town.

The capital of the province of Groningen is the city called Groningen, the university town of the north. It's a typical university town, with a relaxed atmosphere.

A nice way of exploring the province of Groningen is to cycle the Rondje Groningen, a 410 km long signposted route. It is described in a ANWB guidebook.

biker on dike along river


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