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DrenteCharacteristics of Drente

Drente is one of our favourite destinations. The network of cycling lanes is even more dense as in other parts of the country, the landscape changes constantly from farmland into large heather patches (complete with flocks of sheep), into sleepy little villages. Cycle through the national park Dwingelerveld and meet flocks of sheep.

hunebedden in drente province

Or try the boswachterij (forestry) of Hooghalen, where you can visit the camp Westerbork, from where during WWII Jews and gypsies were deported to the concentration camps in Germany. It is a very impressive site.

The farms in the villages are typically centred around a square lined with old trees. In the eastern part of the province you'll find "hunebedden" along the cycling lanes: ancient gallery graves built of large stones left here after the Ice Age.


You'll also find some of the nicest green campsites in this province. A nice way of exploring this province is to cycle the Rondje Drenthe, a 460 km long signposted round trip.


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